Over Night Oats


Scrambled Eggs and Toast

Soft Boiled Eggs

Avo & Hytteost


Toast with Avo & Egg



We have a great selection of coffee and tea. We can make any type of coffee you like to stay or to go…

For the summer we have an awesome Cold Brew coffee… Strong, but not bitter.



Italian Sandwich

“Our” Banh Mi / Asian Pulled Pork

“Our” Cuban Sandwich

Welcome to Miami, the home of the Cuban Sandwich. Slow roasted pork, ham, swiss cheese, tangy yellow mustard and sharp dill pickles. Toasted to perfection in a butter brushed bread.


El “Carlos” Wrap

Vegan option possible…

“Our” Toasty

Veggie Wrap

Green lentil, spidskål, fresh tomato, feta cheese, mayo and balsamic glaze.

Vegan option possible…

65 kr

Our FAMOUS Chicken Curry

Vores “berømte” Chicken Curry

Stuff with Nudler!!


Instant Ramen

Same delicious flavor and quality of our Ramen, but more portable!  Just add hot water and you’ve got a delicious, healthy INSTANT Noodle dish. Order one and enjoy it at work, school or home.  Or save it for the next day…

Don’t forget to drink the broth!!!! It’s got so much good stuff in it, your body will thank you.

Kylling 75 kr (kun én størrelse )

Combo Steak & Kylling 85kr

Steak & Broccoli Nudler

Sød, sur, lidt stærk sauce med ægnudler, steak og sprød broccoli.  Stegt på panden med frisk hvidløg og ingefær… Toppet med forårsløg…

M 70 kr L 90 kr

Pad Thai nudler
aka Spicy Noodles with Chicken


Soup Stone salat

Ovnstegt kylling, spidskål, bulgur, crouton, gulerødder med estragon og ingefær, rødbeder med mynte. Alt dette blandet med en dejlig fetadressing…
VEGETAR: Findes uden kylling
VEGANSK: Findes uden kylling og fetadressing (vi har et par andre veganske dressinger, som du kan vælge mellem)

68 kr

Add chicken 8 kr

Caesar Salat

Hjertesalat, spidskål, rødløg og stegt kylling vendt i klassisk dressing, toppet med croutoner, sprød bacon og parmesan.

68 kr

Add chicken 8 kr

The Salad

Spidskål, grøn linser, feta, rød peber, crouton, græskar kerner, balsamic glaze, roasted chicken…

68 kr

Add chicken 8 kr

Summer Salad

This is a great fresh salad. Very similar to a Nicoise salad, but without the tuna. Fresh green beans, roasted potato, spidskål, rucola, soft boiled egg. Tossed in a light dijon vinegrette…

68 kr

Add chicken 8 kr


Indian Dahl

Roasted Tomato



Kartoffel Porresuppe (only Frozen available)

Lækker velsmagende kartoffelporresuppe, uden mejeriprodukter og gluten… Naturally delicious…

Vegan (ask for no bacon bits) / Dairy Free / Gluten Free

Other rigtig dejlige stuff



Beer & Wine!!