The 5 W’s


Who we are… We are dedicated to providing people with delicious, healthy, fast food alternatives. Soup Stones Owner Stephen Paul has been in the food and service industry since the age of 13 (that’s a long time…).  From dishwasher to mega yacht Captain to Father and back to dishwasher again. Stephen has seen the best the world has to offer and wants to bring that taste and feel to your every day life in a simple affordable way.  Our goal is to make delicious, healthy, affordable, fast food a daily reality. If you choose delicious, healthy food we will be there for you.


What we do… We will re define the term “fast food” and make it something you’d be proud to eat yourself or serve to your friends and family. Everyone wants to eat healthier food, but many of us lack the time or experience with food to make it happen on a daily basis.  Soup Stone Café helps to provide daily affordable delicious and healthy options in a friendly casual atmosphere.  Expanding our take away and delivery service making daily, healthy choices easy.


Where we do it…  Currently there are two locations in Odense, Denmark.  Online sales and delivery options… Moving forward we are dedicated to providing staff, students, patients and families with healthy food options at Odense University Hospital.  We have expansion plans for Odense, Denmark and Scandinavia.


When we do it… We never stop thinking of ways to improve our service and products.


Why we do it…. I’m passionate. We hire people who are passionate. We are driven by the thought of providing you with healthier fast food options and making your day a better one by being with us or ordering our food.  We want to make a positive difference in our community and the world if possible… None of which is possible without the support of our Soup Stone Customers and Soup Stone Team members.  Tak!!! We really appreciate it.