The 5 W’s


Who we are… We are dedicated to providing people with delicious, healthy, fast food alternatives. Our team makes the best quality food and deliver the best value for money in the city. Our home made approach and obsession with great flavors will make it easier for you grab a quick breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack.


What we do… Everyone wants to eat delicious healthy food, but many of us lack the time or experience to make it happen on a daily basis.  Soup Stone helps to provide daily affordable delicious and healthy options in a friendly casual atmosphere.  Whether you need great catering, something to eat in a hygge atmosphere or a great meal to take home… We have you covered.


Where we do it…  Currently there are two locations in Odense, Denmark.  Online sales and delivery options. We’re committed to improving our current locations downtown and at SDU Campus and accommodating an ever growing Odense. Constantly focusing on product development and customer service.


When we do it… We never stop thinking of ways to improve our service and products.

Our Downtown location is open Mon – Fri from 0830. The kitchen closes at 1930.

Saturdays we are open from 1030-1600.

Sundays we are closed.


Why we do it…. We are passionate people. We want to make your day a better one. Maybe it’s a friendly smile or the delicious home made flavor of our food. We are inspired by being part of a community and making you feel like Soup Stone is your personal kitchen.