Our soups

Indian Dahl

Roasted Tomato



Power Protein Dahl

In Store Ramen Noodles

Instant Ramen

Not soup

“Our Famous” Chicken Curry

“Our Famous Vegetable Curry”

Famous Pad Thai Noodles


Steak Sandwichen

“Our” Banh Mi

“Our” Ham & Cheese

Oven roasted skinke with brie cheese and our delicious onion marmelade. All put into the toaster so the flavors melt and mix.

55 kr

Soup Stone Sandwich


Soup Stone Salad

Oven Roasted Chicken, spidskål, bulgar, carrot with tarragon and ginger, beetroot with mynte.  All brought together with a nice Feta Dressing…
VEGETARIAN Available with no chicken
VEGAN Available with no chicken or Feta Dresssing… (we’ve got a couple others to choose from that are Vegan)

65 kr

Other rigtig dejlige stuff



Soup Stone Cold Brew (not currently available)

We worked on this for a long time…made with beans roasted and grown with oko and fair trade practice.
Our cold brew can be taken black or in a traditional Vietnamese way with a little condensed milk… It is very, very good… Watch this space for more Soup Stone Cold Brew news… Not this exact space… You know what I mean…